Volunteering is one of the most rewarding things you can do and thinking about how you would like to benefit from volunteering is a great start to finding the opportunity right for you!

Wigan Borough Volunteer Hub

Volunteers are making things happen in their communities through committing their time, skills and energy to community groups and voluntary organisations. They help befriend people, do administration, provide children’s activities, look after the environment, help at events and are involved in many more aspects of keeping their communities thriving and vibrant.

These are offered in a variety of settings from sports clubs to local community organisations. You can even volunteer from home!

Volunteering can have a positive impact on your life through:

  • A sense of achievement
  • Helping your community
  • Meeting new people
  • Sharing your skills
  • Learning new skills
  • Building Confidence
  • Gaining work experience
  • Take on new challengers
  • And most importantly – HAVE FUN!


As the third sector interface for Wigan Borough we actively promote volunteering and support community organisations and groups to recruit volunteers through our website and Volunteer Hub.

If you would like to know more or support in finding the opportunity right for you, please call in to our Volunteer Hub

Wigan Borough Community Partnership, Spinning Gate, Leigh WN7 4PG

Drop in times: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 10am – 4.00pm

Alternatively, if you cannot come during those times please call us 01942 363621 and we will arrange a time convenient for you.

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The Volunteer Pledge

Offering support, opportunities and development to all volunteers within the Wigan Borough

  1. WE WILL … offer high quality volunteering opportunities so YOU CAN make the most out of your volunteering opportunity
  2. WE WILL … ensure you are valued and treated with respect throughout your time volunteering so YOU CAN show commitment and respect to your volunteer organisation
  3. WE WILL… recognise your contribution and ensure you are not disadvantaged by volunteering so YOU CAN be clear on your expectations and feedback your experience
  4. WE WILL… outline your skills and explore opportunities for development and support you to find the right role so YOU CAN promote the benefits of volunteering and work with Wigan Borough Community Partnership

Volunteering and Coronavirus – HOW CAN YOU HELP?

Look out for your neighbours

The simplest thing everyone can do right now is look out for your neighbours, offer help with shopping and other errands.

It’s not just about neighbours who are self-isolating or vulnerable. Other people in the community who might also appreciate help are:

  • stretched medical staff and volunteers
  • staff and volunteers in key worker roles
  • supermarket workers
  • delivery drivers.

Stay safe when supporting others

    1. Let family and friends know what you’re doing.
    2. Support family, friends and neighbours by phone or video call.
    3. Stay at least two metres – about three steps – away from people you’re helping.
    4. Offer to run errands for people but stay outside of people’s homes.
    5. Keep washing your hands often for 20 seconds.
    6. Don’t take on too much – it’s often better not to offer at all than to let someone down.
    7. If you’re trying to help someone with very serious issues – don’t be afraid to flag with appropriate statutory services.

5 Things you can do to make a positive difference in your community